Does Menards Allow Dogs? Menards Pet Policy Explained [Updated for 2022]

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Are you planning a trip to your local Menards, but want to know if you can bring your furry friend? If so, you are in the right place. At Pet Friendly Book, we do the hard work to analyze retail pet policies around the country and report on which stores allow dogs and which stores prohibit them.

Menards is not a pet-friendly store. Its locations do not allow dogs. Menards has been pet-friendly in the past, but no longer allows dogs as of April 1, 2020. The exception to this policy is for service and guide dogs, which are allowed. Some owners report success bringing their leashed pet dog to Menards without being asked to leave, but your results may vary.

We have provided a broad overview of Menards’ pet policy, but there is more to know. If you want to learn about which dogs are allowed in Menards, how to bring your dog to Menards, and get the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about the Menards pet policy, then keep reading!

Menards Pet Policy Corporate Guidance

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If you want the answer the question: “Does Menards Allow Dogs?”, the best place to look is the corporate guidance that has been provided by the retailer directly.

Menards was once known as a pet-friendly retail giant, but it no longer allows furry friends in the stores. The change to this policy was prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many large retailers change and update their store guidelines.

Here is the statement from Menards confirming that dogs are no longer allowed in the store:

Screenshot of Menards pet policy.

As you can see, Menards has stated in clear language that pets are no longer allowed. This appeared to possibly be a temporary policy due to the pandemic, but the store has not issued any further guidance on their pet policy.

So, we must assume that it is still in place, even if some dog owners have reported some level of success with bringing their dog to Menards without management raising much of a fuss. For a similar corporate pet policy, Home Depot can be looked at as an example.

How to Bring Your Dog to Menards

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As we’ve covered, Menards doesn’t allow dogs. This guidance has been issued at the corporate level and applies to all stores. However, some dog owners have reported that they did bring their dog to Menards without being asked to leave.

We have investigated these claims and found that this is mostly due to store managers simply not caring that much about the pet policy. Most of the Menards managers have been around at the company for a while and still remember a time that dogs were allowed in the store.

There’s a chance that if you bring your dog and it is well-behaved and leashed, no store management will bother you or ask you to leave. This would be breaking Menards store policy, so it’s a bit of a gray area.

It’s best to just leave the dog at home, unfortunate as it is. It’s not worth risking a confrontation with store staff or putting them in an uncomfortable situation that might get someone fired.

If you insist on bringing your dog to Menards, there are a couple of steps that you should take.

First, call ahead to ask store management about the pet policy. They might tell you right from the start that they will not allow your dog in the store under any circumstances. If they are flexible at your location, they might tell you over the phone.

Next, make sure that you leash your dog and that they have everything they need to be well-behaved in the store. It might be a good choice to bring pet waste bags and dog treats.

Finally, if you are allowed in the store, keep your dog well-behaved. There’s no faster way to get asked to leave your Menards than to have your dog acting up in the store.

It’s also rude to other dogs that might want to come to dog-friendly stores, as it creates a bad reputation for pet owners and makes it more likely that other retail stores will change their dog policy to prohibit a responsible pet owner from bringing dogs inside their stores.

Types of Dogs Allowed in Menards

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Even though pet dogs are not allowed in Menards, that doesn’t mean that all dogs are banned. In fact, there are some dogs that are allowed in Menards under all circumstances. Here are a couple of categories of dogs that are permitted in Menards stores.

Service Dogs

The first type of dog that is allowed in Menards is a service dog. Service dogs are dogs that are trained to perform specific tasks for their owners and are usually used by people with disabilities.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, service dogs must be allowed in all public places, including Menards stores. Service dogs should never be asked to leave a store, as it is against the law.

Guide Dogs

Another type of dog that is permitted in Menards is a guide dog. Like service dogs, guide dogs are protected under ADA guidelines. Guide dogs are dogs that are trained to help their owners navigate. They are usually used by people who are visually impaired.

Guide dogs should never be asked to leave a Menards store, as that would constitute discrimination against someone with disabilities.

Emotional Support Animals (Sometimes)

Another type of dog that can sometimes be allowed in Menards is an emotional support animal. Official Menards policy states that only service dogs are allowed, and emotional support animals are not service animals, even if they are often confused with service animals.

Still, you have a much better chance at bringing your emotional support animal inside Menards than a pet dog. It’s not recommended that you break store policy, but it’s unlikely that someone asks you to leave if you bring your emotional support animal along with the proper documentation for it.

Why Does Menards Prohibit Dogs?

For many, the Menards policy on dogs is frustrating. Menards used to allow dogs in their stores–why don’t they still? or anybody that is frustrated by the Menards policy, keep reading. We will outline why we believe their pet policy has changed and their core reasons for prohibiting pet dogs from their stores.

Dog & Shopper Safety

The first reason for this policy is that Menards wants to ensure animal and shopper safety in their stores. By prohibiting pet dogs, Menards is ensuring that both shoppers and pet dogs are safe from any potential harm.

This policy also helps to ensure that the store’s aisles stay clean and free of dog waste. By prohibiting pets, Menards can keep their stores free of messes or accidents that could be caused by animals in the store.

Prevent Damage to Goods & Facilities

Another reason for their pet policy is that Menards doesn’t want any damage to their goods and facilities. Dogs are wonderful friends to have, but businesses don’t take kindly to animals impacting their bottom line by damaging food or pet goods while in the store.

Pet owners go into Menards and other retail stores with the best intentions, but things happen. Menards has decided that it’s best to simply prohibit dogs and avoid the possibility of this damage altogether.

Less Labor Overhead

The final reason that we want to cover is that by not allowing dogs, Menards can ensure that staff is busy helping customers and restocking the store, not handling issues caused by dogs.

Cleaning up dog waste is not management’s idea of a productive way to spend time. By not allowing them altogether, they are sending a clear message that they prefer their employees to be doing their job instead of cleaning up after dogs and dog owners.

Let’s Recap: Is Menards Dog-Friendly?

Menards prohibits pet dogs from entering their stores in order to ensure shopper and animal safety, protect their goods and facilities, and reduce labor overhead.

If you or somebody you know is frustrated by the Menards policy, keep this information in mind. We hope that it helps you understand why Menards has implemented this policy change.

Despite the situation, it is always important to respect any store’s policy and never bring your pet into a Menards store. Instead, look for other ways you can show your pup some love by bringing them on walks or playing fetch in the backyard. Thank you for reading!


Menards Pet Policy FAQ

Yes, Menards allows service animals in its stores. Service animals are working animals that are specially trained to assist people with disabilities, such as blindness or hearing impairment.

No, emotional support animals are not service animals, so they are not allowed in Menards stores.

Menards prohibits pet dogs from their stores to ensure shopper and animal safety, protect their goods and facilities, and reduce labor overhead.

It’s unlikely that someone asks you to leave if you bring your emotional support animal along with the proper documentation for it. If this happens, politely explain that you have the necessary paperwork and ask if they can provide an accommodation so that your pet isn’t left outside. If not, you’ll have to leave the store with your pet.

Pet Friendly Report Card for Menards

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