Does Scheels Allow Dogs? Scheels Pet Policy Explained [Updated for 2022]

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Scheels is a nationwide chain with more than 250 locations, and due to their expansive size and variety of stores, there are many questions about the pet policy.

One of a pet owners’ favorite activities is to bring their dog shopping with them. Not only can this make for a fun day out with your pup, it can also help to socialize your dog and ensure it has plenty of experience interacting with people and pets outside of your home.

Scheels is a pet-friendly store. The stores allow dogs inside their retail locations. Pet owners can feel safe and confident bringing their furry friends to their local Scheels location.

In this post, we will talk about the Scheels pet policy, explain what it means for pet owners, and talk about some of the rules that should be followed if you want to ensure that your trip to Scheels with your dog is successful.

Scheels welcomes dogs, but there is more to know than that! Let’s dive in and talk about this great place that is one of the few shops that lets you spend some quality time shopping with your dog.

Scheels Pet Policy Explained

Image Text: "Scheels Pet Policy Explained"

Now, let’s talk about the details. Scheels has a pet-friendly pet policy and is known as one of the most dog-friendly retail stores out there. They have issued guidance on several occasions–mostly through social media–to tell customers that they allow dogs in their stores.

Here are a few instances of those interactions:

As you can see, there are several instances of Scheels social media staff reaffirming their pet-friendly policy. You can feel confident bringing your dog to Scheels and that they will welcome your dog!

Are All Scheels Locations Dog-Friendly?

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For many other retail company stores, dog-friendly policies are not universal. Many times, it is up to the individual store manager to decide the policy for his or her store.

However, this isn’t the case for Scheels. Their dog-friendly policy applies to ALL stores, regardless of location.

This means a stress-free experience for dog owners. You won’t have to call ahead to verify that your local store is dog-friendly–you can just go!

Of course, there are rules that apply to all dogs and dog owners that enter the store. But responsible pet owners should have no trouble following these rules.

Rules for Bringing Your Dog to Scheels

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Even though Scheels has made it known that pets are permitted in their stores, there are still some basic rules that you will need to follow when you got Scheels with your dog.

If you want to ensure a successful and safe trip to your local Scheels store, then you should follow these simple rules.

Keep Them Leashed

The first rule is that you should keep your dog leashed at all times when you are in Scheels. They should also be wearing a collar or harness to ensure that the leash stays in place.

This is important for safety reasons–it will help to keep your pup under control so it doesn’t wander away from you, and it will ensure that other customers don’t feel uncomfortable if they are not used to being around pets.

Good Behavior

Another great rule of thumb is that you and your dog should always be on your best behavior when you are inside Scheels.

This means that your pup should not be barking, jumping, or doing anything disruptive while you are in the store.

Not only is it polite to other customers and shop personnel, but it will also help ensure that you and your dog have a pleasant experience at Scheels.

Clean Up After Your Pup

Finally, pet owners should always clean up after their pup. Scheels employees are not responsible for picking up doggy poop, so it is important that pet owners take the initiative and do this themselves.

This will also help to ensure that the store remains clean and enjoyable for all customers, both with and without pets.

Scheels is very gracious about allowing pets in the store, but that policy could easily change if just a handful of pet owners decide that they do not want to follow the rules put forth by Scheels corporate.

If you want to continue to be able to bring your dog to Scheels, it’s important that you follow these basic rules and encourage others to do the same!

How to Bring Your Dog to Scheels

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Ready to take the trip to Scheels with your dog? Here are the steps for bringing your dog to Scheels.

Find Your Local Scheels

The first step is to find your local store. You can easily do this by checking out the list of store locations on the Scheels website.

Gather Your Supplies

Now that you know where your local store is located, you will need to gather a few supplies before you go. This includes a collar and leash for your pup, as well as some plastic bags for cleaning up after them.

Head to the Store

Once you have all of your supplies, it’s time to head to the store. Make sure that your pup is leashed and on their best behavior. If they start acting up, take them outside for a quick break before continuing your shopping trip.

Follow All Store Rules

While you are inside your Scheels store, it is very important that you follow all the rules. This is a crucial step of your trip to pet-friendly Scheels.

See the Casher for a Treat!

Scheels is a pet-friendly store because they allow dogs–but they are also known as being pet-friendly because they not only allow dogs, but love to interact with them! Cashiers often have treats at the register, so be sure to reward your dog with a tasty snack if they’ve behaved well in the store!

Other Pet-Friendly Stores Like Scheels

Image Text: "Other Pet-Friendly Stores"

Looking for more places to take your furry friend? If so, we have some great suggestions for places to visit other than Scheels stores. Another retail store that is wonderful about allowing pets is Party City. Party City has a pet-friendly policy that is similar to Scheels.

Another store that has a pet-friendly policy is Best Buy. You can take your dog to Best Buy if you are looking for another great retail location to bring your dog shopping.

Let’s Recap

Taking your pup along to Scheels can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it is important that you always follow the rules.

• Keep them leashed at all times

• Make sure they are well behaved

• Clean up after them

• Follow all store rules

And don’t forget to get a treat for your pup from the cashier!

With these simple rules, you and your pup can have a great experience at Scheels. So get ready to hit the store with your furry friend in tow!

Scheels Pet Policy FAQ

Yes, Scheels is a pet-friendly store and welcomes dogs into most of its stores.

Yes, it is important that you keep your pup on a leash or harness at all times when inside Scheels. This will help ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Yes, you will need to bring a collar or harness, leash, and plastic bags for picking up after your pup.

No, this is not required, but it’s always nice to reward good behavior with a treat!

Yes, pet owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pup. This helps ensure that Scheels remains a pleasant and enjoyable shopping experience for all customers.

Pet Friendly Report Card for Scheels

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