Does Aldi Allow Dogs? Aldi Pet Policy Explained (Updated for 2022)

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Is your home in need of a serious trip to the grocery store? Aldi is a beloved shopping spot for millions of people around the world, but what many people want to know is: “does Aldi allow dogs?”.

As we become more attached to our four-legged friends, we want to start bringing them more places. Not only for the company that they provide but also for the socialization that it allows.

This extends to many destinations including retail stores, grocery stores, hotels, parks, & beaches.

Let’s get right down to it. Aldi is not a dog-friendly store. Pets are not allowed in Aldi under any circumstances. Only service animals are permitted to enter Aldi grocery stores.

So, the answer to the question: “does Aldi allow dogs?”, is sometimes, but most of the time, no.

If you’re ready to learn everything that you need to know about the Aldi pet policy and the guidance that Aldi has provided for pet owners, then keep reading. We’ll dive into the Aldi pet policy, which types of dogs are allowed, and the reasons for the Aldi pet policy.

Aldi Grocery Stores Pet Policy

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The first step to learning about any store’s pet policy is to go right to the sources. However, in this case, that will be very difficult, since Aldi hasn’t published a pet policy on its website.

Still, we have other ways to get this information. Several employees have reported that dogs are, in fact, not allowed in Aldi stores.

And honestly, this makes a lot of sense. Most grocery stores don’t allow pet dogs to enter their stores for safety and hygiene reasons. Aldi is no different.

So, there you have it. Aldi doesn’t allow pet dogs. However, that’s not the only type of dog out there. There are several different types of dogs, including service dogs and guide dogs. As we know, different rules apply to those categories of dogs.

So, follow along as we take a deeper dive into the Aldi pet policy and determine exactly what is allowed and what isn’t!

What Aldi Employees Say

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Other than trying to learn what we can from the Aldi site, another strategy that we often employ to learn about the pet policy of grocery stores like Aldi is to see what employees say about the policy.

We were able to track down some personal experiences of Aldi employees to see what they know about the Aldi pet policy. They were asked: “Does your Aldi allow dogs?”

Here is how they answered:

“I love dogs, but they definitely don’t belong in the grocery store unless they are service dogs. If this seems to be a pattern, I would be calling management or corporate. I’m usually not “that person” but this could really be a health hazard.”

“Ours explicitly says no pets but I’ve never seen anyone actually been kicked out for it.”

“We only allow service animals at my store. If someone brings in a dog that is not identifiable as a service animal, I acknowledge the dog and ask them to please make sure it has proper identification the next time they wish to bring it in or else it won’t be allowed.”

“I have an older guy who has brought his young GSD in multiple times and swore it was a service animal over and over. The dog barks, jumps, and doesn’t listen to any commands so it’s clear the dog has never had any actual service training. However, the last time the guy brought the dog in, there was a vest on the dog showing it was a service animals and I really wanted to ask what website he ordered it off of.”

So, the personal experiences of Aldi employees seem to reinforce what Aldi has said at the corporate level. Aldi is a grocery store, and thus, does not allow dogs other than service dogs in its store.

Types of Dogs Allowed in Aldi

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Though Aldi has issued a ban on dogs in its store, there are still some types of dogs that are allowed in the store, as dictated by law. Here are a couple of types of dogs that must be admitted to Aldi locations and other grocery stores.

Service Animals

Even though Aldi is not a dog-friendly store, it still must allow service animals inside the store. Service dogs are defined as dogs that are trained to assist an individual with a particular task or set of tasks.

Per the ADA, service dogs must be admitted to all stores, not just dog-friendly stores. The fact that Aldi allows dogs does not mean that it allows all dogs inside stores, however.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are another classification of dog that is going to be allowed in any store regardless of whether it is pet-friendly. Guide dog owners need their dogs to help navigate a shopping trip. These assistance dogs are protected by the ADA to enter nationwide stores.

Types of Dogs Prohibited From Aldi

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Even though Aldi sells dog supplies, food-serving establishments typically do not allow pet dogs of any kind. There are no dogs indoors at Aldi–even leashed dogs. Here are some of the dogs that fall within that category.

Pet Dogs

The most common type of dog, pet dogs are not allowed in Aldi stores. This includes all dogs that not intended as service animals or assistance dogs.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are another example of dogs that are not permitted in Aldi. While many people try to pass these dogs off as service animals, that is simply not the reality.

Emotional support animals have not undergone any training and do not qualify for protection under the ADA.

Reasons for the Aldi Pet Policy

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While it may be frustrating that you aren’t able to bring your dog to Aldi, there are plenty of good reasons for why this policy exists and Aldi has taken the stance that they have chosen.

Here, we will walk you through some of the likely reasons for the Aldi pet policy.

Enhance Shopper Experience

One of the benefits of having a pet policy that prohibits dogs is that it can enhance a shopper’s experience. By not having dogs in the store, Aldi can keep the aisles and shelves clean and free of any accidents, as well as reduce the noise level. This makes for a more pleasant shopping experience for all customers.

First and foremost, Aldi is a business. So, they naturally have an interest in making sure that people continue to enjoy coming to their store. Limiting the animals that come into the store is one way that they do this.

Hygiene & Safety

Aldi has a pet policy that prohibits dogs because they believe that it can improve hygiene and safety. Dogs can be messy and can track in dirt and mud, which could contaminate the store’s inventory. Dogs can also be a safety hazard, as they could potentially attack other customers or employees. By prohibiting dogs, Aldi is able to minimize the risk of contamination and injuries.

Cut Costs

Another reason that Aldi has this policy in place is to help maintain low costs for the store. Aldi is known for its low prices, but if they are forced to deal with issues relating to dogs, it may not be able to be as competitive.

For example, if there is an incident with a dog in the store, the store may be liable for medical expenses related to the incident. Additionally, employees may be hesitant to work at Aldi if they are afraid of dogs or forced to clean up accidents from dogs, which could lead to increased labor costs.

Aldi Pet Policy: Let’s Recap

Aldi does not allow dogs in their stores, with the exception of service dogs. This policy is in place for a variety of reasons, including hygiene, safety, and cost-cutting measures. While it may be disappointing for dog-owners, Aldi has made this decision in the best interest of all shoppers.

Aldi Pet Policy FAQ

No, Aldi is not a pet-friendly store. Only service dogs are allowed inside.

Yes, Aldi employees can and will ask you to leave if you attempt to bring your pet dog into the store.

No, but some people have reported that Aldi employees don’t mind them bringing their small dog inside when kept in a purse or handbag, or other type of carrier.

Pet Friendly Report Card for Aldi

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