Is Best Buy Pet-Friendly? Best Buy Pet Policy (Updated for 2022)

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Are you planning on bringing your furry friend with you to Best Buy? Or are you wondering if Best Buy is a pet-friendly store? You’re in luck! We’ve got all the information you need on Best Buy’s pet policy, including important updates for 2022.

There’s no greater joy than being able to bring your dog with you to various stores. It gets them out of the house, helps you meet new people, and is overall a really fun experience–if done right!

Let’s get right down to it. Best Buy is a pet-friendly store in most instances. The dog policy for Best Buy can vary by location. Most locations allow leashed, well-behaved dogs inside the store.

However, there is more to know when it comes to the Best Buy pet policy. In this guide, we are going to go through the Best Buy pet policy in detail and determine which dogs are allowed, what dictates whether dogs are allowed, and answer the question once and for all: “Is Best Buy Pet-Friendly?”.

Best Buy 2022 Pet Policy

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Okay, now we’re going to get into detail on the Best Buy pet policy. Unfortunately, what we’ll really be talking about is the Best Buy location pet policy.

What we mean by that is: the Best Buy pet policy is to let locations choose their own policy that is fit for their store.

This can be frustrating for dog owners, but also has its benefits. The best way to know whether your local Best Buy is pet-friendly is to simply call and ask!

We called our local Best Buy and they told us that our local Best Buy location is pet-friendly. They allow dogs but ask that they are leashed, well-behaved, and potty-trained.

Most stores seem to follow this template. Most stores have a policy that dogs are allowed, but can be asked to leave if they are disruptive, dangerous, or relieve themselves inside the store. It really just depends on the store manager and whether they want dogs inside their store.

Now that you know more about the Best Buy pet policy (or lack thereof), we’ll get into some of the more fine details to determine what types of dogs are allowed in Best Buy.

Types of Dogs Allowed in Dog-Friendly Best Buy Locations

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So, we know that Best Buy is generally a pet-friendly local store that you can bring your dog to, but what about the specifics?

There are many types of dogs, and even dog-friendly stores don’t treat them all the same. Here are the categorizations of dogs that you might want to bring into your local Best Buy and how Best Buy treats each of them.

Leashed Pet Dogs

Dog in front of a pet-friendly Best Buy location.

One of the great things about Best Buy is that, like pet stores, they don’t just allow an animal inside the store if it is a service animal.

Most Best Buy locations allow normal dogs to come into their store. This only applies to leashed dogs. Stores that allow pet dogs will ask that your dog is potty-trained, well-behaved, and leashed.

This policy is determined at the level of store managers and will determine whether you can bring your dog shopping.

Emotional Support Dogs

Many people will want to know if they can bring an emotional support dog to Best Buy. Since Best Buy allows pet dogs inside stores most of the time, there’s really no cause for concern about bringing non-service animals into the store.

Some people have tried to mascarade their dog as an “emotional support dog” in the past to gain entry into a store, but with the Best Buy pet policy, most dog owners are allowed in the store anyways, in addition to a trained service animal.

Service Dogs

Service animals are always welcome at Best Buy. By service animals, we are talking about animals that have been trained and are certified. Generally, this means service animals that have been trained to perform a specific task. This DOES NOT include emotional support animals.

In many stores, only service dogs are allowed. In Best Buy, this isn’t the case. It’s a generally dog-friendly store and doesn’t allow only service animals.

So, the distinction between what is and what isn’t a dog-friendly store is less important at Best Buy, since most pet owners are welcome to Best Buy stores, but it’s important to know nonetheless.

Guide Dogs

The last categorization of dogs that we want to talk about is guide dogs. Best Buy store managers are required to permit service animals, including pet parents with guide dogs inside all of their stores. Denying a guide dog entry is an illegal act, as this is a class of dog that is protected by the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act).

All stores are beholden to this law, and individual store managers cannot overrule it, regardless of if it is at Best Buy store locations, local grocery stores, or any other stores in the area.

Reasons for the Best Buy Pet Policy

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Allows Managers to Make Best Choice for Their Store

Not having clear guidance from Best Buy corporate about whether their stores allow dogs can be frustrating, but there are definitely reasons for this policy.

Keep in mind that each store is different. They are all managed by different people with different ideas about what is best for their store.

Some stores may do well with pet dogs inside, while others may find that it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Allowing store managers to make this decision means that each store can cater to its own unique needs and clientele.

Keeps Guests & Pets Safe

Another reason that Best Buy has the policy that they have is to keep guests and pets safe. If a store location has had trouble with pets in the past, they may opt to disallow pets into the future to preserve the safety of fellow guests and pets.

They also reserve the right to ask pets to leave if they are not well-behaved, leashed, or causing safety concerns.

Improves Shopping Experience

The final reason that Best Buy has the policy that they have toward well-behaved pups is that first and foremost, they are a business. When forming their dog-friendly policy, they want to keep the customer a priority.

Enhancing the shopping experience is top-of-mind for Best Buy leadership, and they believe that taking this approach will help all their stores succeed in their local market whether it welcomes dogs or asks a dog owner to leave.

Rules for Dogs at Best Buy

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If you are going to bring your dog to a Best Buy store, there are some rules that you need to be aware of. This is assuming that you have already called ahead to verify that your location allows dogs.

Let’s dive in!

Dogs Must Be Leashed

The first rule is that all dogs must be leashed. This is for the safety of your dog, as well as the safety of others in the store. No one wants a dog running around loose, knocking over displays and guests.

Dogs Must Be Well-Behaved

The second rule is that all dogs must be well-behaved. This means that they should be quiet, not disrupting other shoppers. They should also be friendly and not aggressive toward people or other animals.

If your dog is not well-behaved, you may be asked to leave the store.

Dogs Should Be Potty-Trained

The third rule is that all dogs should be potty-trained. This one is pretty self-explanatory – no one wants to deal with dog waste in the store. If your dog has an accident, you will be asked to clean it up and may be asked to leave the store.

Final Thoughts

The Best Buy pet policy is that well-behaved dogs are allowed in the store, but store managers have the final say. This policy is in place to improve the shopping experience for all guests, as well as to keep everyone safe. So, call your Best Buy location today to see if they will allow you to bring your four-legged friend!

Best Buy Pet Policy FAQ

The Best Buy in Dartmouth Crossing is pet-friendly, but guests with pets must adhere to the store rules.

All dogs must be leashed and well-behaved, and should be potty-trained.

The Best Buy Canada pet policy states that well-behaved dogs are allowed in the store, but store managers have the final say.

Yes, cats are also welcome in Best Buy, as long as they follow the rules, which are that they must be leashed or in a carrier and well-behaved.

Pet Friendly Report Card for Best Buy

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