Is Hobby Lobby Pet-Friendly?

hobby lobby is a pet-friendly store

👀 Hobby Lobby Pet Policy: At-A-Glance

is hobby lobby pet friendly

Last Updated: 12/15/23

⏩ Hobby Lobby Pet Policy TLDR

Hobby Lobby is a pet-friendly store. Most locations allow dogs unless otherwise specified by the store manager. There is no official corporate policy published, but Hobby Lobby won’t kick you out of their store for bringing a dog inside unless you break the pet rules. 

📝 Hobby Lobby Official Pet Policy

As is the case with many stores that are considered to be “pet-friendly”, Hobby Lobby does not have an official published corporate pet policy. However, that doesn’t mean that Hobby Lobby isn’t dog-friendly. 

It just means that there is no official policy that corporate has published. Additionally, there are different types of dogs (emotional support animals, service dogs, pet dogs), and not all have the same rights. 

Most stores allow dogs, but it is often left to the discretion of the store manager. Much of the time, store managers will not bother with trying to remove pet owners from their stores, but in the case of pet owners who are breaking the rules. they will swiftly be asked to leave. 

🚨 MUST READ: Rules for Pets in Hobby Lobby

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It’s probably a relief to hear that your favorite hobby & crafts store most likely will allow your dog to enter! However, it’s important to learn about the rules that you will need to follow when you go to the store with your furry friend. 

✅ Rule #1: Dog Must Be Well-Behaved

The first rule of bringing your dog into Hobby Lobby is that they should be well-behaved. A destructive or disruptive dog will almost certainly be asked to leave along with their owner, especially if they are causing a safety hazard for other pets/pet owners or shoppers. 

✅ Rule #2: Dog Must Be Leashed

The next Hobby Lobby pet rule that you will need to follow if you bring your dog is that a leash is required. Off-leash dogs can cause safety & liability risks to others. If you are hoping to shop with your dog, you must leash them and keep them contained while you are shopping. 

✅ Rule #3: Dog Must Be Potty-Trained

The next rule for bringing your dog to Hobby Lobby should be somewhat obvious. They will need to be potty-trained. A dog that is not potty-trained and is leaving waste in the store is a clear safety risk. In addition, it creates an unclean and unpleasant shopping experience for others. This is something that store management is sure to put an end to right away. It could even influence them to not allow dogs in the future. 

✅ Rule #4: Always Clean Up After Your Dog

Accidents happen! Whether your dog has an accident or causes a different type of mess in the store, be sure to clean it up right away and make sure any damage is repaired. it’s easy for all pet owners to get a bad reputation due to the careless actions of a few. So, if you want to be able to continue bringing your dog to the store, be sure to clean up after your dog and not rub the store manager the wrong way. 

⭐️ Other Things to Know BEFORE You Bring Your Pet to Hobby Lobby

If you’re ready to bring your dog to Hobby Lobby, there are just a few more things that you should know before you go! Keep reading to learn additional necessary facts about Hobby Lobby’s pet policy. 

Policy Can Vary by Location

One thing to keep in mind is that Hobby Lobby’s pet policy can certainly vary by location. One location allowing pets does not necessarily mean that all other locations will allow them. 

It’s a good idea to call ahead when visiting your local Hobby Lobby for the first time to verify that your closest location does indeed allow dogs. 

Managers Can Ask You to Leave

As we covered in the rules section, store managers have the right to remove you from the store at any time for breaking the pet rules. If you are not being respectful, your pet is causing a disturbance, or your location simply doesn’t allow pets, the store manager could very well ask you to leave the store. It’s best to be respectful and cooperate in this situation. 

Store Doesn’t Have Pet Accommodations

Something else to keep in mind when bringing your dog to Hobby Lobby is that there are not really any pet accommodations within the store. There are not pet waste stations, places for your dog to drink or eat, or any toys for them to play with. 

For those reasons, it’s probably best if you keep your shopping pretty quick and light. Otherwise, be prepared to give your dog some breaks from the store and let them go outside every now and then. 

Local Ordinances Could Play a Role

If your local Hobby Lobby does not allow dogs, it could be simply because local ordinances do not allow them to. This can vary by the location and municipality that you find yourself in. You may choose to do some research on the local rules ahead of time. 

🚫 If Your Hobby Lobby Doesn't Allow Dogs...

If your local Hobby Lobby doesn’t allow dogs, that’s a real bummer. However, it’s not the end of the road. There are some options available to you if you REALLY want to bring your dog to your Hobby Lobby. 

Have a Service Dog

If your dog is a service dog, Hobby Lobby staff must admit you and your dog into the store. Service dogs are trained to perform a specific task and they are protected by the ADA. Don’t lie and say that your dog is a service dog, but don’t be afraid to let them know that you have a service dog if you do have one. 

Get an Emotional Support Dog License

Another path that you can take if you want to bring your dog to the store, but your Hobby Lobby doesn’t allow pets, is to register your dog as an Emotional Support Dog. This requires that you jump through some hoops, but it can help you gain entry into your local Hobby Lobby. 

Visit a Pet-Friendly Store

If all else fails, you can also just decide to visit a more pet-friendly store. There are plenty of hobby and craft stores that will allow your dog to come inside, you just have to do a bit of research to find which ones they are!

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