Is HomeGoods Dog-Friendly? HomeGoods Pet Policy [Updated for 2023]

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Yes, most HomeGoods locations are pet-friendly and allow you to bring your dog. It’s important to note that the pet policy of HomeGoods can vary by location since it is usually up to the discretion of store management whether to allow dogs and other pets. HomeGoods is dog-friendly, but it’s recommended that you call ahead before going to any location for the first time.

It’s the duty of any responsible pet owner to learn about the pet policy of the stores where they bring their pets to. If you want to know: “is HomeGoods a pet-friendly store?”, then you are in the right place. In this post, we are going to cover everything that you need to know about this dog-friendly store, how to bring your dog to HomeGoods stores, and what the rules are for when you do bring dogs inside dog-friendly stores, such as HomeGoods.

With some help from our pet policy experts, you’ll feel confident bringing your pet dogs inside your local HomeGoods store and other dog-friendly retail stores in your area.

Official HomeGoods Pet Policy

Even with our pet policy experts hard at work scouring the web looking for any published guidance on the part of HomeGoods that provides official notice that they allow dogs, HomeGoods does not appear to have an official pet policy that they put out to the public.

Many stores will put out an official policy that states whether they allow dogs, just service dogs, or some other combination of animals under certain circumstances. However, HomeGoods appears to be content to leave this up to each individual store manager to set their own rules.

So, in essence, the official policy is an unofficial dog policy. The manager of your local store will choose whether to admit strictly service animals (they are required to by law), or whether there will be dogs allowed for pet owners that want to bring their furry friend pet shopping.

As such, most HomeGoods stores have chosen to open up the pet policy to include pets and not just service dogs. Still, it’s important that you call ahead to verify that your HomeGoods allows dogs (specifically, non-service animals).

Rules for Dog Owners Allowed in HomeGoods

Even though most HomeGoods locations have chosen to allow dogs, there are still some rules that you will need to follow. HomeGoods allow dogs, but they may not continue to permit dog lovers to bring such dogs into the store if the rules are routinely broken.

For that reason, it’s important to follow these guidelines every time you bring your service animal, emotional support animals, or well-behaved dog into a HomeGoods store or any other retail store (even a pet store).


Rule #1: Dog Must Be Well-Behaved

This is an important rule for HomeGoods stores and other retail stores to keep customers and their pets safe. This rule means that the dog must be well-mannered, calm, and obedient when in the store.

Dogs should not bark at other customers or cause any disruption to the shopping environment. This rule is important because it helps ensure that all customers can shop without feeling uncomfortable or scared due to a potentially unruly animal.

Additionally, this rule prevents accidents from occurring, such as tripping over a dog or being startled by unexpected barking. Having a well-behaved dog also helps create a better shopping experience for everyone since it allows customers to focus on their shopping rather than worry about keeping their dog under control.

Finally, this rule helps store owners maintain a safe and pleasant atmosphere for all of their customers.


Rule #2: Dog Must Be Leashed

This means that all dogs must be kept on a leash when entering and while in HomeGoods. This rule is important for not only the safety of the dog, but also the safety of other customers and employees.

With this rule in place, it ensures that no dog can escape or run away while in the store as well as prevents any potential biting incidents. It also helps to create an orderly atmosphere within the store, allowing people to shop without interruption from roaming dogs.

The presence of a leash also serves as a visual cue to let other customers know that a dog is present and allows them to make an informed decision on whether they are comfortable with its presence.

Lastly, leashing a dog prevents it from becoming distracted or agitated by sudden movements or noises throughout the store, further keeping everyone safe and creating a better shopping experience for all customers.


Rule #3: Dog Must Be Potty-Trained

This rule ensures that all customers have a pleasant shopping experience, free of unpleasant odors or messes caused by untrained pets.

Potty-trained dogs are better behaved, and can be taken outside quickly if they need to relieve themselves instead of spoiling the store environment with unsightly stains or odors.

It also prevents other customers from being exposed to any potential hazards associated with pet waste, such as bacteria and parasites. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for employees to clean up after any accidents that may occur.

By requiring pets to be potty trained, HomeGoods is helping create a more positive shopping atmosphere for everyone.


Rule #4: Always Clean Up After Your Dog

Any mess that your dog makes should be cleaned up immediately and discarded in the store’s designated waste receptacles.

This helps to create a pleasant shopping environment for all customers, and it also helps protect the store’s merchandise from being ruined by canine accidents.

By cleaning up after their dogs, pet owners can prevent bad odors from lingering in the store and avoid having unpleasant messes on the floor or other surfaces.

Additionally, this rule ensures that all customers can enjoy their shopping experience without having to worry about stepping into something unpleasant or dealing with someone else’s pet’s mess.

Can HomeGoods’ Dog Policy Vary?

The pet policy at HomeGoods can vary depending on the location of the store and what the store manager chooses to allow. This could depend on a variety of factors, including the size of the store, local laws and regulations, customer feedback or any number of other considerations. For example, a store manager may choose to ban pets if they feel that it would create too much mess or disruption in their store. On the other hand, they might decide to loosen restrictions if there has been positive customer feedback or if an area is generally known for its pet-friendly character.

In order to know whether your local HomeGoods location allows pets, it is best to contact the store directly and ask about their pet policy. Alternatively, you can check out their website where they should have information posted about their policies on animals in stores. If this is not available online then it might be worth calling ahead and asking questions before bringing your pet with you into the store.

It is also important to bear in mind that even if a particular HomeGoods allows pets in its premises, individual stores may still place additional restrictions on size or type of animal allowed into the shop. Additionally, having a leash rule and providing a waste bag station are common safety measures that some shops enforce in order to maintain good hygiene standards and prevent accidents from occurring within their premises.

Ultimately, HomeGoods’ pet policy varies greatly by location as it is up to each individual store manager to decide what type (if any) of animal they will allow inside their shop. Therefore, it’s always best to contact your local HomeGoods directly or check out their website prior to visiting so that you are aware of any potential restrictions that may be in place at your specific location.

Getting Ready for Dog Shopping

If you want to have a successful trip with your pup, it’s important that you prepare properly and make sure you have everything that you’re going to need. Here are the steps to a successful and safe shopping trip to HomeGoods with your dog….


Step #1: Call Ahead to Verify Your Location is Pet-Friendly

Before leaving your home, it’s essential to contact the HomeGoods store ahead of time and inquire if they are pet friendly. This way, you can make sure that you won’t be turned away at the entrance.

Allowing pets in stores can be a touchy subject as some places do not allow animals due to safety concerns or health codes. However, many HomeGoods locations will accept well-behaved pets on a leash so it’s always best to call first and double-check before you arrive.

This simple phone call could save both you and your pup from an unwanted situation or even potential danger if the store doesn’t permit animals inside the premises.


Step #2: Gather The Necessary Supplies

Depending on the size and breed of your pup, it’s important to bring along some necessary supplies such as a leash, collar, water bowl, water bottle, treats, and waste bags.

Keeping your pup leashed during the shopping trip will help ensure that they stick close by and don’t wander off or become overly excited. A collar can be used in combination with a leash when needed so that you have better control over them if they get too eager towards other shoppers or merchandise.

Providing ample hydration is also key to having a successful shopping trip; bringing along a water bowl and water bottle will give your pup access to clean drinking water throughout the day.

Treats are also recommended in order to reward good behavior during the outing and provide positive reinforcement for following commands. Lastly, waste bags should be brought along in case there are any accidents that may occur while you’re shopping.

Stocking up on these essential items before leaving home helps ensure that you have everything you need for a safe and stress-free shopping experience with your four-legged companion!


Step #3: Leash Your Dog & Ensure Safe Transport

This is an essential step for safety and security, as it prevents your pup from wandering off or running away. Additionally, having Fido leashed allows you to maintain control and keep him close in busy or crowded places like HomeGoods.

It’s also important to ensure that his mode of transport is comfortable and secure, such as using a sturdy leash and collar combination, a pet carrier, or even a car seat harness if you’re driving there.

Lastly, taking frequent potty breaks during the journey helps your pup stay relaxed and happy throughout the entire trip.


Step #4: Follow All Rules Put in Place by Staff

Allowing your dog to accompany you while shopping requires extra care and attention, as well as following the rules put in place by staff. This includes making sure your pup stays leashed at all times, remains quiet, and that you clean up after him/her.

Staying on-leash ensures that your pup will not get lost or cause any disruptions. Maintaining noise control keeps other customers comfortable and prevents potential danger to the shoppers’ pets and yours.

Lastly, cleaning up after your dog is necessary for the safety of other customers, their pets, and the well-being of the store environment – this also shows respect for anyone else who may be enjoying the store after you leave. Following these simple rules will make sure everyone has a safe and pleasant experience while shopping at HomeGoods.

Does HomeGoods Sell Pet Products?

HomeGoods is an excellent source when it comes to pet products, since they often come at a discounted price. This makes them great for pet owners who are on a budget.

Not only that, but HomeGoods offers an array of pet products including, food, treats, toys, furniture, and accessories that you can choose from. Furthermore, bringing your pet with you while shopping in the pet products section might be a great idea.

Your pet could help pick out the right toys and treats that they would love to play with or snack on. HomeGoods also offers a wide variety of brands for their pet product selection; this ensures customers will get quality products for their pets at an affordable price.

All in all, HomeGoods provides some of the best choices when it comes to getting quality pet products at amazing value.

Other Things to Know When Bringing Your Furry Friend

Here are some other things that you are going to want to know if you are planning on bringing your pet to HomeGoods.

Managers Can Ask You to Leave

As we said before, managers have the freedom to craft their own pet policy at their store locations. If your store location has specific rules for dogs inside the store that the manager wants you to follow, you will have to do so. This is true whether or not it is published in any official dog policy.

If you violate the rules while you are in a HomeGoods location, the manager can ask you to leave and they would be well within their rights. The only situation where you might have legal standing to remain in the store would be if you have a service dog, hearing dog, psychiatric dog, or another type of certified service animal.

Non-service pets and non-service dogs can be asked to leave legally at any time.

No Pet Accommodations

Another thing to know if you are going to HomeGoods with your dog is that most stores do not have accommodations for your pets such as dog waste bags. These are things that you will have to bring yourself. You should also bring a leash and collar, or other safety device, so that your pet remains on-leash at all times.

Local Ordinances Could Play a Role

If you are upset that your local store doesn’t allow pets or only allows certain breeds of dogs, remember that local ordinances might play a role in that policy and it could be out of their control.

For example, if your city has a ban on certain breeds of dogs, then the store might not be able to allow those pets on their premises. It would be best to check with local ordinances before bringing your pet to HomeGoods.

If Your HomeGoods Doesn’t Allow Dogs…

If your HomeGoods doesn’t allow dogs, there is probably a good reason for it. Unfortunately, many pet owners choose to abuse the privilege of being able to bring their dogs, aside from only service dogs, to the store.

If this is the case at your store, you should not try and bring your pet into the store. Respecting the pet policy of your local retail locations is important and shouldn’t be ignored. If you really want to bring your dog to the store, there are other options that you can explore.

Have a Service Dog

Service dogs and guide dogs are allowed in almost any retail store location, regardless of their pet policy. They are protected under the ADA and legally must be admitted.

Get an Emotional Support Dog License

Many stores do not classify emotional support dogs as service animals, but they might be more willing to permit you if you show that you have a medical need. This method is becoming very abused, so be sure that you have a legitimate need for an emotional support animal before trying this.

Visit a Pet-Friendly Store

If you can’t go to your local HomeGoods store, you can always try a pet-friendly Lululemon store or a dog-friendly TJ Maxx near you. There are lots of pet-friendly stores out there, so just see what is near you!

HomeGoods Pet Policy FAQ

Most of the time, you can bring your dog to HomeGoods. The policy varies by location.

Usually there is no restriction. You should call ahead to learn about any that might be in place.

Leash your dog, ensure they are well-behaved, and clean up after any messes. This should keep store management happy!

No, but you may choose to keep them away from the food, as dogs have a tendency to break into poorly-guarded bags!

Pet-Friendly Report Card for HomeGoods

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