Is IKEA Dog-Friendly? [2023 IKEA Pet Policy Explained]

Is IKEA Dog-Friendly?

Like most dog owners, you are eager to find any opportunity to bring your dog to the store or another activity with you. It is fun to bring your dog with you to enjoy their company, and it also provides a great opportunity to socialize your dog with others in new environments.

It’s important to be able to bring your dog places and socialize with them, but it’s even more important to know what stores and attractions they are permitted at so that you don’t set them up for failure. Some stores welcome pets, while others ask that they stay away.

IKEA does not permit pets to enter their stores. They are not a pet-friendly store, and dogs are not allowed to come inside the store unless they are trained a service animal.

Doesn’t answer your question quite yet? These policies are often very nuanced. In this post, we are going to dive into the IKEA pet policy, see what guidance IKEA has to offer on the topic, and make sure you have an understanding on what is permitted in an IKEA store vs. what is not. Let’s get started!

Is IKEA Pet-Friendly? Official IKEA Pet Policy

IKEA Official Pet Policy

As we said in the beginning of the article, IKEA is not a pet-friendly store. They don’t allow dogs and other pets to enter their retail locations. Still, it’s important to take a look at the official policy and see what corporate has to say on the topic.

As you might expect, many people have asked the question about whether pets are allowed in IKEA stores. People love their pets and want to be able to bring them!

However, IKEA has given pretty clear guidance on this topic that pets should stay home if you are headed to IKEA:

Only service dogs are allowed in IKEA locations, and this does not include emotional support dogs.

IKEA has given the clear stiff-arm to pets when it comes to their stores, but that doesn’t mean all dogs aren’t allowed to come into the store. IKEA and other retail stores are obligated to follow the rules of the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), which permits service dogs and trained guide dogs to enter stores.

Stores like IKEA are prohibited from barring people with service dogs from entering their stores. We’ll talk more about this later on!

Types of Dogs Permitted in IKEA

As we said before, not all dogs are prohibited from IKEA. Dogs that are protected under the ADA and registered service dogs can enter IKEA with their owners. However, this still excludes a large portion of pet owners who want to know if IKEA has a flexible dogs allowed policy. While this is unfortunate, it is still important that we talk about what dogs are permitted in IKEA so that there is no confusion.

Service Dogs

The first type of dog that is indisputably allowed in IKEA is a service dog. A service dog is a dog that is specifically trained to perform tasks for its owner. Generally, these dogs are given special access by law, which is why they can enter IKEA.

The ADA defines a service animal as any dog that has been “individually trained to do work or perform tasks for an individual with a disability.” This includes both physical and emotional tasks.

Trained Guide Dogs

The second type of dog that is allowed in IKEA is a guide dog. A guide dog is a specially trained dog that helps its owner to navigate their environment, much like a service animal. Guide dogs are specially bred and trained to help those with visual impairments or other disabilities.

These dogs are allowed in IKEA stores, as they are deemed to be necessary by the ADA.

Types of Dogs Not Permitted in IKEA

Now that we know what types of dogs are allowed in IKEA, let’s recap some of the types of dogs that are not allowed in IKEA under any circumstances. If you own one of these types of dogs, you should leave them at home or try one of the alternative activities that we list below.

Pet Dogs

Obviously, with what we have learned so far, it is clear that pet dogs are not allowed in IKEA stores. A pet dog won’t be able to enter your local IKEA store unless they are also a service dog and you can provide a service dog certification. This includes all sizes, breeds, and temperaments. Even if your pet is trained, friendly, and well-behaved, they are not allowed in the store.


As you might expect, puppies are also not allowed in IKEA stores. Puppies can be unpredictable and may cause disruption or distress to other shoppers or staff members. Some people think that because they have small dogs, they can get away with bringing their dog to IKEA. This isn’t true and you’ll be asked to leave.

Therapy Dogs/Emotional Support Animals

Unfortunately, therapy dogs are not allowed in IKEA stores either. Even if your dog is certified and has special training, it does not make them eligible for entry into the store. This includes dogs that serve as an emotional support dog, as they are not considered genuine assistance dogs. It must be officially categorized as a service dog to gain entry.

Other Pets

Dogs aren’t the only type of pet that isn’t allowed in IKEA. All other types of pets, such as cats, birds, and rodents are not permitted in IKEA. Bringing any of these animals to IKEA will surely prompt an employee to ask you to leave fairly quickly.

Alternatives to Bringing Your Dog Inside IKEA

IKEA Store Alternatives

It’s a bummer that pet dogs aren’t allowed in IKEA, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do something fun with your dog today. There are a few options available to those disappointed that they can’t bring their dog to their local IKEA.

Visit a Pet-Friendly Home Decor Store

The first option that you have is to visit a different pet-friendly home decor store. There are plenty of stores that allow pets, so you can still find some great furniture and home decor even if it isn’t from IKEA. One example that comes to mind is Home Depot. Home Depot sometimes allows pets, but you’ll need to call ahead first to see.

Floor & Decor is a pet-friendly store that has home decor items. Their nationwide policy is to allow pets, so you won’t have to worry about calling ahead.

Hang Out Outside!

If you are headed to IKEA with a friend and they need to run in to get something, you can always hang out outside and enjoy the weather! A lot of IKEAs have nice outdoor areas where you can play with your dog and even meet other shoppers. Try bringing a toy and playing while your partner or friend shops inside!

Shop Online–Then Go to the Park!

One of the great things about IKEA is that they offer online shopping for almost all of their items. You don’t need to enter the store to get what you need. You can go to, order for pickup, go get your items, then take your furry friend to a local park for some fun time!

Let’s Recap

We have now covered the types of dogs that are not allowed in IKEA stores, why their policy excludes them, and alternative activities you can do with your pup. We hope this information was helpful and gave you some ideas for how to enjoy a day out with your dog!

Remember–always check local guidelines before bringing your pet into any store and remember that service animals are the only type of animal allowed in IKEA stores. Thank you for reading and we wish you a fun outing with your pup today!

IKEA Pet Policy FAQ

No, dogs are not allowed under any circumstances unless they are a service dog or guide dog. 

No, dogs are also not allowed in strollers, even if they are confined to the stroller the whole time. 

Yes. In the US, pets are not allowed. In Spain, they are allowed. It seems to depend on the country. 

Pet Friendly Report Card for IKEA

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