Is LuluLemon Dog-Friendly? LuluLemon Pet Policy Explained (Updated for 2022)


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LuluLemon is a popular athleisure brand known for their high-quality yoga pants and other workout gear. But what about their policies towards dogs? Is LuluLemon dog-friendly? Are dogs allowed in LuluLemon stores? People that love to bring their dogs everywhere with them would love to know how LuluLemon feels about having dogs in their popup locations.

Furthermore, dog-friendly stores are rising to prominence. Everybody wants to bring their dog shopping, and almost all shoppers love dogs! But even in an increasingly dog-friendly retail environment, it’s important to know which stores allow well-behaved dogs and which ones have yet to put policies in place that welcomes dogs into the store.

Let’s get right down do it. LuluLemon is a pet-friendly store. They allow dogs in their pop-up locations. Some locations even have treats for dogs to enjoy while they are there. You can have confidence bringing your dog to LuluLemon locations.

But, that’s not all that you need to know. Most dog-friendly stores have pet policies and rules in place to facilitate a safe and generally dog-friendly environment. In this article, we’ll take a look at LuluLemon’s policies towards dogs in their stores and online. We’ll also provide some tips on how to make sure your dog is comfortable while shopping at your local store.

LuluLemon Pet Policy Explained: Are Dogs Allowed in LuluLemon?

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When we talk about the LuluLemon “pet policy”, what we are really talking about is their general attitude towards pets in the stores. All that we have to go off of is how they have treated animals in the past that have tried to enter their stores. This means that as a company, they are not extremely pet-friendly because they have not yet put into place a policy for well-behaved pets, even if they have done so for a service animal.

That’s because LuluLemon has not published an official corporate policy on whether animals are allowed in the stores or not. For better or for worse, this is the situation that we find ourselves in. Companies are not always straightforward in the guidance that they provide. most of the time, it comes down to what that particular store allows.

In the case of LuluLemon, it’s difficult to know how they feel at a corporate level. However, we can use context clues to help us come to a conclusion as to whether your furry friend will be allowed in their locations or not.

And, when it comes to LuluLemon, the signs have been very encouraging. LuluLemon is a pet-friendly store with a track record of not only allowing animals in their stores, but also being very friendly towards them, letting employees pet them, and even supplying treats!

Types of Dogs Allowed in Pet-Friendly LuluLemon Stores

To say “dogs are generally allowed” is simply not usually enough. There are many different types of dogs (small dogs, large dogs, service animals, emotional support animals), each with their own purpose. If you want to be sure that you are in the clear to bring dogs inside LuluLemon, then keep reading about the various types of dogs that may try to enter LuluLemon and what reception they would receive at their many locations!

Pet Dogs

Most people will want to know about whether pet dogs are allowed more than anything else. Pets are generally defined as animals that are kept by humans for companionship and pleasure, as opposed to working or farming purposes. Bringing a pet inside is something that many people want, but it can be hard to find an official stance published by the company.

Therefore, when we talk about pet dogs being allowed in LuluLemon, we are talking about the traditional family dog that is kept as a companion animal.

The answer is yes, pet dogs are allowed in LuluLemon under most circumstances. There are some basic rules, which makes sense. The dog must be well-trained and generally friendly, as well as potty-trained. Of course, the employees reserve the right to ask a dog or pet owner to leave that isn’t following the rules of the store or is being disruptive.

Pet Cats

What you might not realize about the LuluLemon pet-friendly tendencies is that they have often extended to pet cats, as well! Not many stores make mention of cats, but there are millions of cat owners, and they want to be afforded the same rights as dog owners.

As long as the cat is restrained in a pet carrier, backpack, or on a leash, you should be able to bring a cat to your local LuluLemon.

Emotional Support Dogs


Hand-drawn image of an emotional support dog and its owner.

Emotional support dogs are often a difficult group of animals to evaluate when it comes to the pet-friendly nature of the store. Owners like to associate them with service dogs, but they don’t really meet the definition.

Often times, stores treat them as pet dogs, which means that in a lot of areas, they are not allowed to be brought inside the store.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are very different from emotional support animals and pet dogs. As working animals, they are allowed in most public places, including LuluLemon stores.

The only time that they may be asked to leave is if they are not behaving or if their handler is not following the store’s rules.

Service Animals & Service Dogs

Service dogs are working animals that are trained to perform specific tasks for their disabled handlers. They are allowed in all public places, including LuluLemon stores.

The ability to bring a service dog into a store is protected by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). If you have a service dog, you shouldn’t ever have an issue bringing it with you in a LuluLemon store.

LuluLemon Rules for Dogs and Cats

Even though LuluLemon is known as a pet-friendly store and allows dogs to enter their location, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any rules that owners need to follow when they bring their furry friends.

Many of the rules that LuluLemon has are common-sense type rules, but they are nonetheless important.

Be Well-Behaved

An important rule for all dog and cat owners is to make sure that their animals are well-behaved when they come into the store. This means no excessive barking, no nipping or biting, and no jumping on employees or customers.

If your animal is not well-behaved, you may be asked to leave the store.

Animals Must be Potty-Trained

Do not bring your animal into the store if they are not potty-trained. This is not only disrespectful to the employees and customers, but it can also create a dangerous and unsanitary situation.

If your animal needs to go potty, make sure that you do so before you enter the store.

Don’t Destroy Merchandise

First and foremost, LuluLemon is a business. As such, they care about their valuable stock. If you are going to bring your animal into the store, you need to be aware that staff is likely to ask you to leave if they find that anything you or your animal are doing is damaging their stock that they would otherwise be able to sell.

Animal Should be Leashed

This should go without saying, but it’s important that you know it. Animals that are brought to LuluLemon should always be leashed. This is not only for the safety of your animal, but for the safety of other shoppers and animals in the store.

Pick Up After Your Animal

It is imperative that pet owners pick up after their animal when they visit LuluLemon. Not only is it unsightly to leave feces all over the store, but it is also a health hazard. Animal waste can contain harmful bacteria that can make people sick. So, if you plan on going to LuluLemon with your dog, make sure that you bring along a bag to pick up after them.

Additional Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to LuluLemon

Apart from their policy of allowing animals as long as they are not disturbing the peace at the store, there are a couple of other benefits that LuluLemon is able to provide while other stores are not. Here are those benefits.

Open Spaces

The first benefit of LuluLemon is that they are often located at pop-up shops. This means that the store has wide aisles and is plenty spacious. This allows for a more comfortable experience for animals who may feel anxious in smaller, cramped spaces.

Dog-Friendly Cashers

Another benefit that you may discover when you journey to your local LuluLemon pop-up shop is that the cashiers and staff are very often excited to see you and your dog.

In fact, some locations even provide dog treats at the register for any furry friends that may come into the store.

How to Bring Your Dog to LuluLemon

Okay, so you’ve decided that bringing your dog to LuluLemon is the right choice for you. If that is the choice that you’ve made, then there are a few things that you need to do beforehand.

Here are the steps for bringing your dog to LuluLemon locations!

Step 1: Call Ahead If You’re Not Sure

If you’re not sure whether your location is dog-friendly, then the first step is to call ahead and ask the manager. This can help avoid a lot of headache in the future, especially if it’s discovered that the location is actually not pet-friendly.

This is good to do before going to any store the first time if you’re not sure whether they allow dogs or not.

Step 2: Prepare Your Dog For Travel

The next step is to make sure that your pup is ready to hit the road! You will want to grab everything that you’ll need for your trip and for your time at the store. This includes a leash, pet waste bags, a dog carrier, and anything else that you think you’ll need!

Step 3: Potty Time!

Once you get to the store, it’s very important to give your dog the opportunity to go potty before you go in.

There are a few reasons for this. First, it’s disrespectful to the employees and customers to have your animal relieve itself inside the store. Second, it can create a dangerous and unsanitary situation.

If you want pets to continue to be allowed at LuluLemon stores, then it’s important that you take care of this doggy-business before you enter!

Step 4: Leash Your Dog & Enter Store

Okay, now that the preparation is done, it’s finally time to head inside the store. The best thing to do is leash your dog before you enter the doors. That way, no matter what is happening on the inside of the store, you will have control over your dog.

Step 5: Be Courteous of Other Shoppers and Pets

While you are in the store, stick close to your dog at all times and be aware of their actions. If they are getting too close to another shopper or pet, then it’s important to take action and move them away.

The last thing that you want is for your dog to cause a scene or scare someone!

Step 6: Pick Up After Your Dog

While you are in the store, another important thing for you to be proactive on is pet waste. Stores like LuluLemon are nice enough to allow dogs in, but that doesn’t mean that they want to deal with the messes that they can make.

So, if you see that your dog has gone to the bathroom inside the store, make sure to immediately clean it up! This is one of the most important things that you can do to ensure that you and your dog continue to be welcome inside your LuluLemon store.

Step 7: Get a Yummy Snack From the Register!

Not for you, silly! For your dog. Many LuluLemon locations offer tasty dog treats at the register that you can enjoy when you are all done shopping! This not only assures you and your dog that you are welcome in the store, but it also builds a positive reinforcement for your dog that now may associate going to the store and being around people with positive reward.

Let’s Recap

Now that we’ve gone over all of the steps, let’s do a quick recap. First, if you’re unsure whether your local LuluLemon is dog-friendly, make sure to call ahead and ask the manager.

Next, get everything ready that you’ll need for the trip including leashes, bags, and a carrier. Once you get to the store, take your dog out to potty and then leash them up before you enter.

Once inside, stay close to your dog at all times and be aware of their actions. If they make a mess, clean it up right away! And finally, don’t forget to grab a treat for your pup on the way out.

By following these simple steps, you and your dog can enjoy many shopping trips together to your local LuluLemon!

LuluLemon Pet Policy FAQ

Yes, LuluLemon allows well-behaved and restrained cats. The owner is ultimately responsible for the animal and you can’t let them roam the store unattended. 

Yes, the pet policy for LuluLemon is subject to change. It can vary by location, which is why we recommend always calling ahead to locations you have not been before to see what their policy is. 

Pet Friendly Report Card for LuluLemon

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