Is Party City Dog-Friendly? Party City Pet Policy Explained (Updated for 2022)

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Are you getting ready to plan a party and need to take a quick trip to Party City? But wait, what will you do with your dog? Can you bring your dog to Party City? We’re here to answer that question and more!

Let’s cut to the chase. Party City is a pet-friendly store. However, not every branch has the same policy. The best thing to do is call ahead to your local store to see if they allow dogs at their location.

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Before you bring a dog to any store, it’s crucial to gather as much information as you can to keep yourself, your dog, and other store guests safe throughout the experience at this dog-friendly store.

In this post, we will cover whether Party City is pet-friendly, how to bring your pet dogs to Party City, and other information that you will need to know if you plan to bring your dog to a Party City store.

Party City Pet Policy Explained

We did some digging, and it’s not surprising that Party City does not have a published pet policy on their website. Many retail stores do not have a policy published because they like to leave it to the individual locations or franchise owners.


Google search result of the Party City pet policy.

They have a section on site and store accessibility, but that’s not really what we’re looking for. We’re looking to find out: does Party City allow animals in their stores?

Luckily, we were able to turn elsewhere for answers to get the information that we needed.

We contacted Party City customer support via their website and were provided with the following information:


Text conversation with Party City support agent.

According to this support agent, pets are allowed in Party City stores, but it’s considered to be best practice to contact your local store to verify that. We are confident saying that Party City is one of the few dog friendly stores out there.

Party City Policy on Emotional Support Animals & Service Dogs

Pets are one thing–support animals and service animals are another. There is a difference between well-behaved dogs, support animals and service dogs, so we’re going to cover each of them to tell you everything you need to know about Party City’s policies towards these two categories of dog and whether the dogs allowed policy extends to them.

Emotional Support Animals

The first category that we want to cover are emotional support animals (emotional support dogs). Since Party City has a pet-friendly policy, there’s not too much concern over bringing an emotional support animal. They freely allow dogs, unlike many grocery stores and restaurants.

Some retail stores don’t allow emotional support animals, but since Party City doesn’t place any real, official restrictions on dogs, emotional support animals should be allowed with no trouble.

Most dog-friendly stores that allow leashed pets will also allow emotional support animals and other pets, depending on the store location.

Service Dogs

The next category of dog is that of service dogs. Many stores allow only service dogs inside, but Party City isn’t one of those stores. Service dogs are dogs that are trained to perform specific tasks, such as alerting their owner when medical issues are near, helping them navigate the store, or retrieving items for them.

Service dogs are protected under the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and as such, should be allowed in almost any retail store with no issue or objection.

Owners of service dogs might be asked to provide some sort of verification that their dog is a service dog, but this shouldn’t ever happen at a Party City location unless that location has placed a ban on animals.

How to Bring Your Dog to Party City

Image of a leashed dog inside Party City, next to the candy aisle!

Alright, so you’re encouraged by the fact that most Party City locations are pet-friendly. What now? Well, since the pet-friendly policy of Party City isn’t a company-wide guarantee, there are some steps that you should take if you want to bring your dog to Party City.

Here are some simple steps that you can follow if you want to successfully bring your dog to a Party City store.


Step 1: Call Ahead to Your Local Party City Store

The first thing that you should do before you bring your dog to your local Party City location for the first time is to call ahead and verify that your location actually does permit dogs to be inside the store. Party City has a pet-friendly outlook, but it doesn’t mean that every store manager allows pets inside the building.

If they verify that it’s okay for you to bring your dog, then both you and your dog can move on to the following steps!

Step 2: Leash Your Dog

If you have called your Party City and verified that dogs are allowed at the location, the next thing that you should do is leash your dog and prepare them for the trip. Leashed dogs are preferable to unleashed dogs, except when it comes to a service animal or other highly-trained animal.

A prepared dog is a happy dog! Leash them, take them outside to do their doggy-business, and then hop in the car! It’s time to go!

Step 3: Be Courteous to Other Guests and Pets

When you arrive at the Party City location, there’s a couple of things that you will need to know in order to have success. You should be very courteous to other guests and pets.

Be mindful that not everybody is comfortable around dogs, so keep your dog nearby and prevent it from wandering or interfering with the store operations or management.

This is important for two reasons. The first of which is that you don’t want to be removed from the store. Store security can ask dogs and owners that are not well-behaved to leave the store.

The second reason is that you don’t want to create a bad reputation for pet owners that want to bring their dog to their favorite stores. While Party City has a pet-friendly policy, it doesn’t mean that they will always view things that way. A few bad experiences with pet owners could prompt them to adopt a policy that bans dogs.

When you travel to Party City with your pup, it’s important to be courteous and recognize that being there with your dog is a privilege, not a right!

Step 4: Pick Up After Your Dog

While you are there, it’s not only important to be courteous, but also to pick up after your dog. Even if you bring your dog outside to do its business before you arrive, there’s always the potential of an accident happening.

It’s okay if it does! However, you should always make sure to clean up after your dog in a timely manner.

Nobody wants to walk into a store to see dog waste on the floor, and store managers certainly don’t want to have to be responsible for cleaning it up. So, be sure to take care of any mess that your dog creates and everything should turn out fine!

Tips for Bringing Your Dog to Party City (Or Another Retail Store)

Now that you have a good amount of information about bringing your pet dog to a Party City location, we’ll give you some helpful and actionable tips for bringing your dog out in public.

While some of these tips are general things that you should do when bringing your dog out in public, others are more specific to Party City stores or retail stores in general.


Be Prepared: This is a tip that we cannot stress enough! If you’re planning on bringing your dog into a Party City store (or any other retail store), you need to be prepared. This means having your dog leashed, bringing waste bags, and being courteous to both people and pets.

If you can do all of those things, then you’ll be in good shape!

Know the Store Policy: Every store has different policies when it comes to pets. Some stores don’t allow them inside at all, while others have designated pet-friendly areas.

It’s important that you know the policy of the store before you bring your dog inside. The last thing that you want is to get kicked out or cause a scene because you weren’t aware of the policy!

Ask for Permission: If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not you can bring your dog into a store, the best thing to do is to ask for permission.

Whether this means calling the store ahead of time or asking an employee when you’re there, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

In most cases, the answer will be no, but it’s always worth a shot!

Be Respectful: This ties into being prepared and knowing the store policy, but it’s important enough to merit its own bullet point.

When you’re out in public with your dog, you need to be respectful of both people and property. This means keeping your dog under control, cleaning up after it, and not being disruptive.


If you can do all of those things, then you should have no problem bringing your dog into Party City (or any other retail store)!

Party City Pet Policy: Let’s Recap

Alright, let’s round up what we have learned!

  • Party City is, overall, a pet-friendly store
  • Pet policy may vary by Party City location
  • If you do bring your dog to Party City, you should follow our tips for bringing your dog to the store

Now that you know everything about the Party City pet policy, you’re ready to bring your furry friend to your local Party City location! Have fun and good luck!

Party City Pet Policy FAQ

Yes, the policy can vary by location. It’s best to call ahead to see if your local store allows pets. 

Yes, you can bring your pet dog to Party City, regardless of size. Party City has a very pet-friendly policy that allows most pet dogs. 

Pet Friendly Report Card for Party City

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