Is Ross Pet-Friendly? Ross Dog Policy Explained (Updated for 2022)

Image of a dog in front of a Ross Dress for Less store. On the right side are graphics showing that Ross is pet-friendly.

Ross is quickly becoming the most popular discount retailers out there, rivaling the likes of TJ Maxx and others. As such, it’s becoming a go-to option for those looking for a fun day of discount shopping.

For those that frequent this awesome discount store, they often find themselves asking: “is Ross pet-friendly?”.

As you can imagine, it would be quite fun to be able to bring your furry friend to your local Ross store, but first you would need to know what their policy is to ensure that you can safely bring your dog there without conflict with their rules.

Let’s get right down to it. Though Ross hasn’t published an official policy, most people report success bringing their dog to Ross. Most Ross locations are pet-friendly and allow leashed, potty-trained dogs inside. Most of the time, Ross is a dog-friendly store.

A cute dog in front of a Ross Dress for Less retail location.

Okay, now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive into the particulars when it comes to Ross’ pet policy. There is more to know than just the fact that Ross is usually a pet-friendly store.

So, read along to learn more about Ross stores and their pet policy!

So…What Does Ross Say?

The best way to learn about the pet policy of any given store is to listen to the guidance that they have given or published. In the case of Ross, however, this is pretty tough to do. Their website doesn’t have a published pet policy.

Still, there are ways to get this information. In doing research for this article, we called our local Ross location. Here’s a transcript of our conversation:

Us: Hello, just wondering if you allow dogs at your location.

Store Manager: Yes, as long as they are potty-trained.

Us: Okay, thank you!

This simple conversation uncovered our local store’s feelings about pets and gives us all the information that we would need before preparing to go to the store with our dog.

Official guidance hasn’t been given at the corporate level, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring your dog–it just means that you might have to call ahead and verify the policy with store staff!

Pet-Friendly Characteristics of Ross Stores

A dog that has been allowed inside a Ross store. It's in the cart and strolling through the home decor section of Ross.

Beyond their pet-friendly stance and the common allowance of pets inside their stores, there are some other factors that also make Ross stores a great choice for bringing your dog. Here are some of the benefits that Ross has to offer to those looking to bring their dog to the retailer.

Young Staff

As we all know, young people tend to be a bit more friendly to our furry friends. They also tend to have a bit more tolerance when it comes to pets in the store.

This means that, when you enter a Ross store with your dog, you’re likely to be met with young, smiling faces that are more than happy to see your furry friend.

Open Layout

The layout of Ross stores is one that makes them ideal for bringing your dog. Their aisles are wide and well-spaced, making it easy to navigate with a leashed dog. Additionally, the lack of cluttered displays makes it easy to keep an eye on your pup as you shop.

Low-Cost Items

Of course, one of the main reasons people love Ross is because of their low prices. This characteristic also makes them a great choice for those looking to shop with their dog.

Discount retailers like Ross are known for having lower prices on average than other types of stores. This means that you can save money on your purchase and feel good about it!

Awesome Pet Section

Image of a dog in front of a Ross store, where they have a great pet section!

Along with their pet-friendly attitude and wide assortment of quality and affordable produces, Ross also features a great pet section. In this pet section, you can find hundreds of items at a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere.

An added bonus is that since you have your dog with you, you can enlist their help in picking out their toys and accessories.

How to Bring Your Dog to Ross Stores

If you’ve decided that you want to bring your dog to your next Ross shopping trip, then there are a few steps that you’ll need to follow to ensure that your trip goes well.


Step #1: Call Ahead to See If Your Location Allows Pets

The first step to any successful trip to Ross with your four-legged friend is to call ahead and see if your location allows pets. The store policy regarding pets is usually pet-friendly, but can vary by location. It’s best to call your local store to see what their policy is before heading out!

Step #2: Leash Your Dog & Bring Bags

The next step is one of preparation. If you’re going to bring your dog to the store, then you need to be sure that you are prepared and ready for the road ahead.

Some basic things that you should grab include:

  • Dog waste bags
  • Leash
  • Treats

You’ll need the bags in case your furry friend has an accident, a leash to keep them contained and well-behaved, and the treats to reward them for a job well done when they are calm and collected in the store!

Step #3: Keep Your Dog Behaved & Pick Up After Messes

When you are at the store, there are a few simple things that you can do to make your time there easier and pleasant for all. one of those things is to clean up after any messes that they make.

Nobody likes to walk into a store and be confronted with dog waste on the floor. So, if this happens, be sure to be a responsible dog owner and clean it up before it makes too much of an issue in the store.

Types of Dogs Allowed in Ross Dog-Friendly Stores

A common question that people have when evaluating whether a store is dog-friendly is what types of dogs are allowed in the store. We’ll cover the various types of dogs that people may want to bring into Ross stores and expand on the Ross Dress for Less Policy regarding those dogs.

Pet Dogs

The first type of dog that we want to cover when it comes to Ross discount department store are pet dogs. Pet owners are welcome to bring their leashed dogs and well-behaved dogs into the store, which is the reason that Ross is considered a dog-friendly store.

Ross is similar to Tractor Supply stores in this way and the way that they handle their pet policy for the retail locations. Ross is a dog-friendly store, but pet parents still need to ensure that their dogs are well-behaved and that they clean up after their dogs indoors.

Store staff members won’t take kindly to dogs that are aggressive or poorly behaved. You should be mindful of service animals, other pets, and shoppers. Ross welcomes leashed dogs but reserves the right to ask non-service animals that are creating a problem to leave their retail stores.

Service Dogs

The next type of dog is one that is protected by legislation. Service dogs are allowed in most stores, per ADA guidelines. This includes grocery stores, which typically do not allow dogs.

Service dogs are dogs that are trained to perform a specific task. They are often associated with emotional support dogs, but they are very different from non-service dogs. Many establishments have a “service dog only” policy, but Ross allows a well-behaved non-service dog to enter their store.

Of course, the pet policy varies for your particular store. As far as service animals go, however, Ross pet policies welcomes dogs.

Emotional Support Animals

Emotional support animals are another category of animal that people often want to know about, but very few stores are able to give clear and direct guidance on what is expected when it comes to emotional support animals.

For Ross, it’s pretty easy. The policy for pets is typically the same policy for emotional support animals. So, in the case of Ross, you shouldn’t have any problem bringing your dog to the store whether they are a pet or an emotional support animal.

Let’s Recap

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly retail experience, Ross Stores is a great option! With their young and friendly staff, wide open layout, and low prices, Ross has everything that you need to make your shopping trip with your dog a success.

Just remember to call ahead to check on the store policy regarding pets, leash up your pup, and bring bags and treats along with you to make the experience even better!

Ross Dress for Less Pet Policy FAQ

If it is your first time visiting that location, you should call ahead to see if the location is pet-friendly. After that, there’s probably no need to call ahead. 

The only requirement to bring your dog to Ross is that they are friendly, well-behaved, and potty-trained. 

Yes, if your dog is causing trouble and you are failing to keep them under control, Ross employees could ask you to leave. 

Pet Friendly Report Card for Ross Dress for Less

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