Is Shoprite Dog-Friendly? Shoprite Pet Policy Explained (Updated for 2022)

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Shoprite is one of the country’s most popular grocery stores. With more than 500 stores across the United States, they offer a wide range of products, from fresh produce to prepared meals and pet food.

Given its popularity and ubiquity, many customers want to know if they can bring their pets along while shopping at Shoprite.

Shoprite is not a dog-friendly store. Pets and dogs are not allowed in Shoprite locations. Its status as a grocery store means that dogs cannot safely be inside the store. The only exception to this rule is for guide and service dogs.

That answers the question: “are dogs allowed in Shoprite?”, but there is more to know. If you want to learn about the rules that Shoprite has in place and about which dogs are allowed in the store, then read along!

Shoprite Grocery Stores Pet Policy Explained

Image Text: "Shoprite Pet Policy Explained"

Unfortunately for pet owners, Shoprite doesn’t make their pet policy easy to access. We had to call a local Shoprite store and ask about their pet policy. It was no surprise that they replied that Shoprite stores do not allow pets inside.

The exception to this rule for Shoprite stores is that service dogs and animals are allowed inside the grocery stores due to their protected status under the ADA.

Types of Dogs Allowed in Shoprite

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Even though pet dogs (even leashed dogs) are not permitted to enter Shoprite, that doesn’t mean that all dogs are not allowed in the popular shopping chain. Shoprite is not one of the most dog-friendly stores, but there are, of course, exceptions for the furry friend of some people. Here are a couple types of dogs that actually are able to enter Shoprite.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are trained to provide a special service or task for their handler. They are allowed in any public place, including grocery stores like Shoprite. They are provided with this right under the rules of the ADA. They do not require a local store to have pet friendly pet policies, because they are protected by legislation.

Due to their training, service dogs are often very well-behaved dogs and taking a dog shopping is hardly ever a disturbance. Owners need not call their local store ahead of time or even ask the store manager.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are another type of dog that is able to be brought into Shoprite stores. These dogs are specially trained to help those with visual impairments. Similar to service dogs, guide dogs are provided with the right of access under the ADA.

Types of Dogs Not Allowed in Shoprite

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While some dogs are allowed in Shoprite, most dogs will not be allowed to enter the store. Here are some of the dogs that are not allowed in Shoprite.

Pet Dogs

Pets are prohibited from entering the store due to the nature of a grocery store. Pets cannot be contained and could possibly disturb other shoppers, so they are not allowed in Shoprite locations.

Emotional Support Animals

People often use the term “Emotional Support Animal” and “Service Dog” interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Emotional Support Animals are not allowed in public places like Shoprite, as they are not considered service animals under the ADA.

Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs are similar to service dogs and provide comfort or a therapeutic environment for their handlers. They may be allowed in some places with special permission, but they are not permitted in Shoprite stores.

Policy May Differ From Branch to Branch

One thing to note and remember is that the policy of each Shoprite location could vary from branch to branch. Even though the general policy is that pets are not allowed, it doesn’t hurt to call ahead and double check with your local branch.

Reasons for the Shoprite “No Pets Allowed” Policy

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Are you confused or upset about Shoprite’s Pet Policy? If so, this next section will be helpful. We will address the reasons for Shoprite’s stance on pets here, and hopefully give you a better understanding for why they have chosen to not allow dogs.

Safety & Hygiene

Safety and hygiene are the two main reasons that Shoprite does not allow pets in their stores. Grocery stores are full of food items, which can attract animals. Allowing pets inside could lead to accidents or contamination of food items.

In addition, having dogs running around a store full of people is unsafe. Pets cannot be controlled, and it could lead to someone getting hurt.

Distraction for Customers

Another reason why Shoprite does not allow pets inside the store is that they can be distracting for customers. Dogs are loud, and their barking can be disruptive to other shoppers trying to browse or shop. Allowing dogs in the store would take away from the shopping experience.

Local Regulations

Regardless of the desires of any grocery store, they must adhere to the rules set forth by local agencies. These federal and local regulations supercede any dog-friendly policy and lay down ground rules for retail stores for their local retail locations. In some cases, these regulations may even prevent dogs from entering the store. So before taking your pup to Shoprite, make sure you check your local laws and regulations first.

Loss Prevention

Finally, Shoprite does not allow pets in their stores for loss prevention purposes. Allowing dogs inside could lead to damage of merchandise or food items by customers. This is something that the store wants to avoid at all costs, and thus they have chosen not to allow pets on the premises.

Stores With Similar Policies

Sometimes, in order to better understand the policy of a store that doesn’t allow dogs, it is helpful to look at other stores that have a similar policy.

One such store is Kroger. Like Shoprite, Kroger is a grocery store that doesn’t allow dogs. That is because they are a grocery store that sells fresh food and dogs put the safety of their customers and product at risk.

Another example is Whole Foods. Whole Foods has made the decision to not allow pets inside their stores. Again, this is to protect the integrity of their product as well as the safety of their shoppers.

Let’s Recap

In conclusion, Shoprite does not allow pets inside its stores. The only exception is for service dogs and animals protected under the ADA. While all pet dogs will not be admitted into the store, there are other types of dogs such as service dogs and guide dogs that are allowed.

It is also important to remember that the policy for each Shoprite store may differ from location to location, so it is best to call ahead and double check with your local branch before bringing any type of pet in. Finally, it is helpful to look at stores with the same policy to help better understand the reasoning behind Shoprite’s “No Pets Allowed” policy.

Shoprite Pet Policy FAQ

No, Shoprite does not allow pets in their stores. The only exception is for service dogs and animals protected under the ADA.

Yes, guide dogs are allowed inside Shoprite stores.

Service animals are allowed inside the store as long as they are registered under the ADA.

Not necessarily, it is best to call ahead and double check with your local branch before bringing any type of pet in.

Yes, Kroger and Whole Foods also do not allow pets inside their stores.

Pet Friendly Report Card for Shoprite

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