Is TJ Maxx Dog-Friendly? TJ Maxx Pet Policy Explained (Updated for 2022)

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TJ Maxx is one of the most popular shopping destinations for millions of American each week. As it becomes more popular, it also becomes a more popular destination for those looking to bring their pets to the store to accompany them while shopping!

That leaves many wondering: “is TJ Maxx pet-friendly?”

We’ll get right down to it. TJ Maxx is a pet-friendly store. They allow leashed and well-behaved dogs and other animals. You can certainly bring your four-legged friend shopping with you at TJ Maxx!

That’s the short version. But there’s more that you need to know if you plan on bringing your dog to TJ Maxx. In this post, we will cover everything that you need to know if you want to bring your furry friend to TJ Maxx.

What is the Official TJ Maxx Pet Policy?

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To learn the verbiage of the official pet policy of TJ Maxx, we reached out to TJ Maxx representatives, who provided us with the following statement:

“At TJ Maxx, we are committed to providing the best customer experience to all of our customers. We also strive to conduct business in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. With regard to service animals, customers accompanied by their service animals are welcome to shop our stores at any time.

Non-service animals are also permitted in our stores when allowed by local or state ordinances, so long as they, like service animals, are under control and do not pose a direct threat to the safety of others.

On a case by case basis, management may request an animal be excluded from the store if the animal poses a direct threat to the safety and health of others, is out of control and the handler does not take effective action to control it and/or the animal is not house broken.”

Unlike many stores, TJ Maxx has put in plain language what is allowed and what is not allowed when it comes to pets in their stores. According to the policy above, TJ Maxx is a pet-friendly store.

Dog owners find themselves grateful for the clear language of TJ Maxx. Many other retail stores are unclear when it comes to their pet policy, but TJ Maxx doesn’t fit that description. They do mention that their policy could be subject to change pending state or local laws.

Types of Dogs Allowed at TJ Maxx

Image showing a dog in a TJ Maxx shopping cart.

To say that TJ Maxx is dog-friendly really just isn’t enough. There are several types of animals that you might want to bring into a TJ Maxx store. Now we’ll cover each of them and tell you what to expect, given TJ Maxx’s pet policy.

Pet Dogs

As we’ve covered, TJ Maxx is a pet-friendly store. TJ Maxx allows dogs to come into the store, but they do ask that you keep your dog well-behaved and prevent it from causing trouble with other guests or pets. Any store, including pet food stores, hardware stores, and other retail locations, ask for this courtesy.

Emotional Support Dogs

Emotional support animals are dogs or other animals that serve as emotional companions to people that need them. In some instances, people will try to pass emotional support animals off as certified service dogs, but it matters little when it comes to TJ Maxx, since the store allows pets of all kind.

Emotional support dogs are welcome at TJ Maxx, just as regular pet dogs are. They have no reason to disallow pets or companion dogs, like some food service retailers do.

Guide Dogs

Guide dogs are trained to help their owners navigate stores and other areas. As such, they are protected under the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act), and are permitted into TJ Maxx and other retail stores.

Service Dogs

Oftentimes confused with emotional support dogs, service dogs are very different. Service dogs have undergone extensive training in order to help their owners with a disability.

Under the ADA, service dogs are allowed into any public space, including TJ Maxx stores.

Other Pets

Image of a dog inside a TJ Maxx store in one of the aisles.

In our post, we have talked about dogs quite a bit. However, the TJ Maxx pet-friendly policy doesn’t just extend to dogs. It is a policy that also allows for other pets, such as cats, lizards, and other well-behaved animals to be brought into the store.

How to Bring Your Dog to TJ Maxx: Step-by-Step

Image of a dog in a TJ Maxx shopping cart in one of the aisles.

Now that you know that you can bring your pet to TJ Maxx, we will walk you through exactly how you can go about bringing your dog in a safe and responsible manner. Follow these steps for a successful trip to the store with your four-legged friend!

Step #1 Preparation: The first step to any successful trip, whether it is made with your dog or not, is preparation. Make sure that you gather all of your needed supplies and that you prepare your dog for the journey ahead. This could include a leash, waste bags, and anything else that you need to travel with your pup.

Step #2 Travel: No journey should be made without considerations for safety. To get to TJ Maxx, you will have to travel by car or by foot. Either way, make sure that you are well-provisioned for the journey and that you have taken safety precautions for your dog.

Step #3 Visit TJ Maxx: Now that you have arrived at TJ Maxx, be sure to follow all of the rules and guidelines that they have put in place to protect their guests and other pets in the store! Clean up after your pet, ensure they are behaved, and always keep them leashed or contained!

Image showing a dog sitting inside a shopping cart in the pet section at TJ Maxx.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your visit to TJ Maxx is not only successful, but also safe.

Is TJ Maxx a Good Place to Bring Your Dog?

While many people are wondering if you can, few are actually asking if they should. Just because TJ Maxx allows you to bring your dog to their store doesn’t mean that your local store should be seen as a desirable destination.

The answer to the question: “are dogs allowed in TJ Maxx?” has been answered. But the question of whether it is a fun dog-friendly store to be at has not.

As far as stores go, there are certainly worse places to bring your dog. Of course, this all depends on individual store managers and what they do to help make your TJ Maxx store more appealing for those that wish to bring their dogs inside the store.

Some stores even have treats by the register for furry friends that come in. So, your experience may vary when it comes to whether TJ Maxx is in the top echelon of places to bring your pets, but overall we are very confident in recommending the store, as long as your dog is well-behaved and you make sure to clean up after them.

TJ Maxx Pet Policy: Let’s Recap

In this post, we covered whether TJ Maxx is pet-friendly, what type of dogs they allow in the store, and how to take your dog to a TJ Maxx responsibly.

Though your local TJ Maxx store may vary on their rules, depending on their store manager, local and state laws, or other restrictions, most TJ Maxx locations allow you to bring your pet dog, companion animals, and other animals. Dog lovers are welcome!

TJ Maxx Pet Policy FAQ

Yes, the policy can vary by location. Most TJ Maxx stores are pet and dog-friendly, but your local store manager may have different rules. 

Employees shouldn’t have a reason to ask you to leave unless your dog is not well-behaved or causing issues in the store. If you are courteous and pick up after your dog and your dog is leashed and well-behaved, there shouldn’t be an issue. 

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