Is Big Lots Pet-friendly?

big lots pet friendly

👀 Big Lots Dog Policy: At-A-Glance

Big Lots Pet Friendly Summary

Last Updated: 12/12/23

⏩ Big Lots Dog Policy TLDR

While Big Lots’ pet policy does not explicitly say that pets are allowed, neither does staff ask for any time of proof that the dog you are entering with is a service animal or otherwise certified. It’s widely accepted that Big Lots is a dog-friendly store and allows pet dogs to come inside with their owners. 

📝 Big Lots Official Pet Policy

We referenced the Big Lots Official FAQ page to find the answer to the question: “Is Big Lots Dog-Friendly?”. 

What we found was that although Big Lots does not explicitly say that pets are allowed, the chain does say that it allows service dogs and ESAs. They also confirmed that they do not check any sort of registration or license at the door. 

Here’s what we found on their website:

big lots official pet policy

🚨 MUST READ: Rules for Pets in Big Lots

While it seems that pets and dogs are welcome in Big Lots, or at the very least, not unwelcome, there are still some basic ground rules that you’ll need to follow. 

Keep in mind, these are not published by Big Lots, but more so they are some basic rules that we should follow in any pet-friendly store when bringing our dog. 

✅ Rule #1: Good Behavior

Regardless of where you are taking your dog, you should make sure that you and your dog are being respectful. This goes for your trip to Big Lots, as well. 

It’s vital that you and your furry friend are on your best behavior as you go to Big Lots. Failure to do so could get you and your dog asked to leave the premises and could create a bad reputation for pet owners who want to take their dog to the store int he future. 

✅ Rule #2: Always Leash

Even if your dog has excellent recall, you will want to make sure that you leash up before you go into the store. You never quite know what situation you’ll be walking into when you get into the store. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to leash your dog!

You never know, you could be keeping your dog safe from someone else or their dog that has lost control of the situation. 

✅ Rule #3: Potty Trained

Finally, make sure your dog is potty-trained before you go to Big Lots with your furry friend. Nobody wants to shop in an environment with pet waste on the floor. 

We understand that you might be eager to bring your new puppy to the store, but make sure that it learns its manners before you go!

⭐️ Other Things to Know BEFORE You Bring Your Pet to Big Lots

Before you put that leash on and get into the car, there are a few other things that you’ll need to know! Keep these nuggets of information in your back pocket as you make your way to your local Big Lots with your dog!

Managers Discretion

Even though most Big Lots locations are known to allow pet dogs in their stores, that doesn’t mean that it’s something you should take for granted. Not all locations allow this, and the manager of your location could revoke the privilege at any point if you are found to be in violation of the rules. 

When you go to Big Lots with your dog, you should make sure that you are respecting the manager and the rules that they have put in place–or you risk the possibility of being asked to leave. 

Big Lots Has Pet Items!

If you do decide to bring your pet to Big Lots, you should know that it’s also a great place to purchase pet products!

They have a pretty extensive pet section both in-store and on their website. It would be a great place to pick up pet food or pet toys–with your pet’s approval!

Big Lots Doesn’t Ask for Proof

One of the things that you should know about Big Lots is that they do not ask for proof that your dog is a service dog or emotional support dog. That means that you will not need to bring any sort of documentation with you to the store. 

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